Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why order?

Because you’re hungry and we have a great range of flavours within tapping distance.

Q: I haven’t ordered food online before?

Well there’s a first for everything. Placing that first order takes a it of courage, especially if your paying by card. Most first-timers pay by cash, this way they are confident there is no cost if the service doesn’t work (which NEVER happens!)

Q: How does the chat service work?

Live Chat is a basic support service on most online ordering portals. When a customer asks for support, our local agents based in Shrewsbury are quick to respond.

Q: Why isn’t my favourite takeaway listed?

We would love to know the answer to that too! Why not let them know about Delivery Shark, we offer a referall bonus of £50 for referalls leading to a new takeaway joining Delivery Shark *Terms apply

Q: What happens when I place an order?

When you submit your order, it is received and printed off by our wireless printers located within the takeaways. The takeaway accepts or rejects the order. If its accepted, they will give you an estimated delivery time. If it is rejected, they will state the reason.

Q: My order was rejected, and I paid by card, what now?

Don’t worry, we automatically refund your payment before its even been processed by the banks.

Q: How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

You will see the order status in your order history.

Q: My order is stuck at pending? What do I do?

Contact Delivery Shark via live chat or via our phone numbers. The takeaway hasn’t accepted the order, Delivery Shark will contact the takeaway to alert them to the order.

Q: My food is late, what should I do?
  • We advise customers to contact the takeaway direct. We know this defeats the object of online ordering, however we don’t control the delivery service for some takeaways and we would only call them too. Cut out the middle man and call them direct.
  • If you received a SMS with a tracker link, you can see where your driver is.
Q: My food has arrived, but it’s not right, what should I do?

You want this sorting ASAP so we advise you to contact the takeaway direct. If there are missing items which aren’t replaced, just let us know and we will refund these items after confirmation from the takeaway that the problem was reported and unresolved.